Introducing Innovative Vessel Solutions: Next-Generation Hulls and Vessels
10.07.2023 13:33

We are thrilled to present Aqua-Verse Shipbuilding, a leading provider of innovative and high-performance vessels that redefine industry standards. With our unwavering commitment to excellence, we proudly offer the following state-of-the-art shipbuilding solutions:

  1. New Hull for Dry Cargo 85/135 m, Pushcombination, Tanker 110/135-11.45/22.80: Experience the cutting-edge technology of our new hull design, tailor-made for dry cargo vessels, pushcombination vessels, and tankers. Ranging from 85 to 135 meters in length, these vessels embody the perfect synergy between efficiency and functionality. What sets us apart is our ability to deliver vessels within an exceptionally short timeframe, ensuring you can embark on your ventures promptly.
  2. New Pushboat or Tug: Discover our exceptional range of new pushboats or tugs, meticulously engineered to meet your towing and pushing requirements. Whether you seek a standardized design or desire a vessel tailored specifically to your needs, our skilled team is equipped to bring your vision to life.

Why Choose Aqua-Verse Shipbuilding?

  • Timely Delivery: We understand the value of time in the ever-evolving maritime industry. Our streamlined manufacturing processes and efficient project management enable us to complete vessel construction within impressively short timeframes, allowing you to seize market opportunities swiftly.
  • Customization Expertise: Embracing your unique requirements, we offer the flexibility to either select from our existing designs or collaboratively create a completely new and bespoke vessel. Our team of experienced professionals will work closely with you to ensure that your vessel is precisely tailored to your specifications.
  • Revolutionary Efficiency: Leveraging our innovative approach, we have revolutionized vessel efficiency by implementing cutting-edge modifications to hull shapes, propulsion systems, and rudders. Through these advancements, we have achieved a remarkable efficiency boost, surpassing 30% compared to traditional ship designs.

At Aqua-Verse Shipbuilding, we take immense pride in our commitment to providing unrivaled vessels that not only meet but exceed your expectations. Our unyielding dedication to technological advancements and constant pursuit of excellence guarantee vessels that epitomize efficiency, reliability, and superior performance.
We invite you to explore the endless possibilities that Aqua-Verse Shipbuilding can offer. Please contact us at your earliest convenience to discuss your specific requirements and receive detailed information on our vessels and construction processes.
Thank you for considering Aqua-Verse Shipbuilding as your shipbuilding partner. We eagerly anticipate the opportunity to collaborate with you on your next maritime endeavor.

Yours sincerely,

Frank Leeuwestein
COO Aqua-Verse Shipbuilding
+32 471 78 22 15

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